To submit your show please email, with the following information. If we are interested in your show, we will email you back. 


Producer Name:

Producer Email: 

Show Title:

Show Description:


Creative Team Members (performers, writers, producers, directors, etc.):  


Please provide short answers to the following questions:

  1. Has this show been performed before? Where and for how long?
  2. What are your artistic and producer goals for this show?
  3. What is the ideal day/time for your show? *The more options you provide, the more likely it is that we will be able to find you a slot.
  4. Are you interested in a one off or a multiple show run?
  5. Do you have any previous experience producing or is this your first time? If it’s your first time, why do you want to do this show? If not, then tell us a little bit about your experience.
  6. We have a small studio space that seats about 45 people. Would you be interested in producing your show in that space? CLICK HERE to see photos.
  7. Is there anything else we should know about you or your show?


Before submitting please note that shows typically run 1 hour (50-55 min runtime). The Loft seats 58, but can flex to 70. Also, we do not allow any dangerous, reckless, or hazardous physicality on our stages. This includes but is not limited to fighting, wrestling, dangerous stunts, and the use of any dangerous weapons.