Saturday 4/20 – Saturday 6/1

1 HR


The CIA Spiritual Healer is a hilarious and heart wrenching true story of a Central Intelligence Agency officer’s mental health crisis that catapulted her to a spiritual awakening turning her into a reiki healer and comedian!


This is a hilarious and harrowing true story about the journey of a woman who was working at the CIA and how she became an energy healer/comedian. It’s a true tale of mental health crisis uncovering secrets, intrigue, seeing the dead, and the destruction of her life into a new identity, new reality, and a new way to serve the world and live authentically. Get inspired, laugh, and feel connected to a higher power. Come for singing, dancing, jokes, and character acting. She has been seen on TruTV, AMC, CNBC, & SirusXM!

Calendar for A Spy’s Awakening


The PIT Annex

156 W. 29th Street, Floor 2, New York, NY, 10001