Adsit & Eveleth is an improv duo made up of Scott Adsit (30 Rock, Veep, Big Hero 6) and Jet Eveleth (The Reckoning, Animals HBO, Absinthe). They have been described as “two improv stalwarts with a knack for the absurd. They aim for slower, character-driven work that pays close attention to detail. Expect lovable characters and more than a little weirdness.” Scott and Jet have traveled to festivals all over the US, including the Just for Laughs Festival.
“Dazzling…compelling…outrageous and unexpected. Watching them slowly discover their characters was like biting into a Tootsie Roll Pop and discovering that awesome center. Everyone deserves to see improv this good.” -Timeout Chicago
“They adopt distinct voices, mannerisms, and attitudes to create characters, at once esoteric and identifiable, that appear to spring from deeply personal takes on humanity.” – Chicago Reader 
“Intelligent humor that ranges from black to bubble-gum pink.” -Charleston City Paper