Thursday 9/28 – Thursday 12/21

There’s a buzz in the air. Baby Dangerous is turning one year old and it’s all anyone seems to be talking about. “How will the sketch team celebrate the momentous occasion?” asked a fan of the team, who’s also a member. “How about a performance of their most distinguished AND esteemed sketches?” answered the same guy. “He’s talking to himself again…” noted the therapist.
Join us for an evening of laughs, and forced nostalgia, as we perform our favorite sketches from the past year!


Baby Dangerous is a sketch comedy group that features PIT writers and performers, who are up-and-coming-and-unwell. With an emphasis on finding hilarity in the lives of the mundane, Baby Dangerous presents a revue of sketches, characters, and musical performances that explore the most bizarre and downright dangerous delights of the average Joe.
Featuring: Dan Bevan, Cassandra Briskman, Brian Carrera, Desmond Conwright, Tim Daly, Sophia Giovanis, Ian Harris, Hayley Marks, Charles Rivkin, and Austin Tytel

Tech: Sebastian Martinez

Calendar for Baby Dangerous presents: A Collection Of Our Most Distinguished AND Esteemed Sketches (Vol. 1)


The PIT Loft

154 W. 29th St., New York, NY, 10001