Saturday 10/14 9:00 pm

In “Bird and Friends – Cosmic Unity”, seasoned improv veteran Michael Bird takes the stage solo and crafts an exhilarating improv show in collaboration with the audience. The experience transcends the conventional improv show as anyone watching, regardless of number, can jump into the performance at any time – and yes, that includes YOU! Bird takes all choices made by the audience and weaves them into the show in real-time creating a fully cohesive long-form show, leading to the ultimate cosmic unity of PLAY.


For this very special, 200th performance of the show, Bird is bringing in the Cosmic Unity Band! This talented ensemble of musicians will be improvising mesmerizing background music and original songs with the audience throughout the entire show. The result is an unforgettable night where improv, music, and love intertwine, breaking down the barriers between performer and spectator in a celebration of play and connection.
Starring: Michael Bird and the Cosmic Unity Band