Thursday 7/14 7:00 pm

Founded in 1998 by filmmaker George Lucas, Cornell University is known as one of America’s premier educational institutions. But despite this lofty status, Cornell is inextricable from its identity as by far the least prestigious school in the Ivy League. While Harvard and Yale boast alumni lists comprised of presidents and CEOS, Cornell’s most successful graduate is Treasury Secretary Floyd Swelterly, who resigned in disgrace after trying to replace the gold standard with the Floyd standard (it’s not clear what this was supposed to mean).
But in reality, Cornell is far more than that. Cornell is an idea, a dream, an aspiration. An aspiration that even an elite university can have an inferiority complex.
Kevin Palermo did not go to Cornell–he went to Ithaca one time and it was fine–but he knows a little something about inferiority complexes. Join him as he explores the storied history of this illustrious institution. And maybe, just maybe, we can all…GO! BIG! RED!
Kevin Palermo as Himself
Naomi Watts as Cornell University