Sunday 6/11 2:00 pm

Come watch our brilliant PITizens take the stage!


Mac Gostow has performed and taught musical improvisation for more than 10 years in cities across the country including Los Angeles, Boston, New York, Nashville, Philadelphia and Chicago. A comedy school graduate, instructor and Lead Producer at ImprovBoston, Mac was a member of resident casts including The Family Show, All Access Improv and the ImprovBoston Musical AllStars. As a member of Catalyst Comedy, Mac performed with Boston’s Unscripted Musical Project (B.U.M.P.) and was a founding cast member of Dirty Disney and a kid’s musical improv show, Kerplunk. As one half of M&N: Musical Improv Duo, Mac performed over 100 shows and appeared at the Chicago Musical Improv Festival, Boston Comedy Arts Festival, New York Musical Improv Festival and landed a residency at historic Faneuil Hall. He served as Associate Producer of the Brooklyn Comedy Collective and co-produced Blank! The Musical at The Green Room 42. Mac now serves as the Director of Corporate Partnerships at the PIT, developing customized improv workshops for Fortune 500 companies including Google, Pfizer, JP Morgan, Delta, Burberry and many more. Mac founded the Musical Improv Jam at The PIT in Spring 2021, which still takes place every Monday night at 9:30pm at The Loft!

Tom Placido is a jazz pianist/vocalist who has performed in a variety of venues
from concert halls to jazz clubs, including NYC’s Knickerbocker, where he is a
regular performer. He was an acclaimed feature artist in the International Plaza
Jazz Festival in Havana, Cuba in January 2020. He has open invitations to perform
in Havana and Dehli, India whenever he is available. His performances include
elements of jazz, R&B, gospel, funk, Brazilian, Latin, and rock.
He is excited by the incredible creativity and spontaneity at PIT.