Saturday 7/1 3:00 pm

Spanning four days, this festival will feature international, national and local teams! Teams that debuted at IndieFest have gone on to successful runs at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Off-Broadway, and more!
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Metamorph represents the melting pot of New York City. Uniting different backgrounds and perspectives , our team works together to create realistic slice of life improvised one act plays. Metamorph can delve into serious topics in a safe space without focused on making the audience laugh.

Mosh Squad

We are a silly group of goofy goobers who typically do a montage, but truly, the audience never knows what’s going to happen because we embrace the moment!

The PIT Indie-Pendence Day Improv Festival 2023, Fourth of July Weekend, Metamorph & Mosh Squad, Saturday, 7/1, at 3 PM.