Thursday 7/4 9:00 pm

The Peoples Improv Theater is thrilled to present the 12th Annual INDIE-pendence Day Fest. The longest running Indie Improv Festival in NYC was originally created by Student Driver & hosted by The PIT.


Peter & Matt
Peter & Matt take a ridiculous conflict an audience member has had and turn it into an improvised story using their original form, “The Turntable.” With this, they explore the characters in this person’s life and their unusual traits/ POVs and display the quirks everyone has. In doing so, Peter & Matt show how silly problems are and that we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously. There’s narrative, there’s game, but most importantly, there’s a lot of laughs.
Peter & Matt are a team most known for their monthly improv show, “New Form Night!” at Caveat. They combine multiple styles of improv from their experience training and performing at various theaters in New York, Chicago, and Philadelphia. Outside of performing together Matt has been seen in PIT’s “Fool Party,” “Characters, Characters, Characters,” and CSz Philly’s “Don’t I Know You.” Peter has been seen in CSz Philly’s “The Incantation” and iO Theater’s “The Seven.” The two of them also produce and perform in the improv show “Half & Half” which has been seen at various venues.


Party City Kazoos
The Party City Kazoos are a quirky, fun, lovable indie improv team doing a classic Harold with some twists! Every show with us is a party! Each show, we ask the audience “what’s the theme of tonight’s party?” and perform a full Harold off of that suggestion. We are a diverse, silly team bringing together our voices and perspectives to create fun and zany improv. Audience members may expect to get a kazoo at the end of the show…


Ready to run wild? Blow off a little steam with RUMSPRINGA, a PIT Ensembles Red Team. Last century, the improv elders set down The Harold. In 2024 the upstarts and misfits of RUMSPRINGA gathered together to bring their twisted worldview to this venerable form. A single audience suggestion conjures a completely improvised cavalcade of characters and scenes that will delight and titillate you. Whether you choose to return to the flock when it’s done is up to you.


Our goal is to foster community, play, and highlight some of the best Indie Improv from around the globe! It will feature Special Guests, Jams, and a Barbecue Picnic!
Spanning 2 days, the festival is your team’s chance to follow the fear, take the leap, and put yourselves in front of an audience! Teams that debuted at IndieFest have gone on to successful runs at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Off-Broadway, and more!