Sunday 10/23 7:00 pm

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • How to use your body as a sharpened tool for improv
  • Embody characters physically with the whole body including how they stand, walk, sit, breathe etc.
  • Get in touch with your own mind/body connection and unique physicalities
  • Create a comprehensive/safe physical warm up and routine to help keep the body sharp, flexible, and strong
  • Learn to use physical movement as a catalyst/inspiration to start a scene
  • Explore space and surroundings fully when onstage in a scene
  • Learn how isolations and movement have been key factors in comedy and storytelling from its origins in commedia dell’arte to ballet d’action to silent films & vaudeville to today’s modern sketch shows.
  • Understand how truth and emotion affect the body and vice versa

Desirée Justin (she/her) is a multidisciplinary artist with over 18 years of professional credits. She danced with numerous dance companies including Boston Ballet and Festival Ballet Providence before moving to musical theatre, where she has worked as a performer & choreographer, Off-Broadway and regionally across the country for most of her career. After a stint creating original roles onstage in new works, she found the PIT, fell in love with improv, and adopted the form as a mandatory practice for flexing and enhancing her performance skills. She currently teaches and coaches dance, acting, improv, and audition technique and performs with multiple indie teams in NYC. She still considers her crowning achievement, however, to be her ability to sneak into the NYC improv/comedy community without a funny bone in her body. Please don’t tell.