Sunday 8/18 7:00 pm

1 HR


Are you a fan of pop divas, game shows, or musicals? Then this star-studded evening is the show for you!
A cast of 6 of your favorite Pop Divas (portrayed by NYC Improvisors/Performers) will be competing in “The Musical Match Game”- hoping for their chance to snatch a win, and flex their vocal prowesses on this incredibly hilarious and diva-licious game show!
Will anyone score some points? Who will come out on top as the diva of all divas? Find out on Sunday, May 19th at 7PM.
Presented by A SHARP Theater Collective.
Director/Executive Producer: Anthony Allocca
Writers: Ava Whiteley + Sebastian Martinez

Calendar for Musical Match Game: POP DIVAS EDITION


The PIT Loft

154 W. 29th St., New York, NY, 10001