Thursday 10/19 8:00 pm

The Peoples Improv Theater is proud to announce the return of NYC Sketchfest 2023!
Baby Dangerous
Baby Dangerous is an indie sketch team that aims to satirize the ordinary. Our themed shows, such as “Thirsty Summer,” “Supernatural Suburbia” and “Back To School” parody the everyday normalities by inserting a hint of weird and wacky. We love poking fun at the average Joe — finding the comedy in the mundane is our bread and butter.
All of our members write, produce, and perform original sketches. Our team has humble origins; we met by taking a sketch writing class together at the PIT, and liked each other so much we decided to produce our own shows upon graduation! Baby Dangerous has monthly, 45-minute shows at the PIT.
Dinner For One
Dinner for One is made up of all trained actors so their sketches are like, mini well-choreographed plays. They are a rehearsed juggernaut known for their physical bits and polished performance. Their comedy is a joke-filled death match between dumb, silly nihilism and thoughtful, social commentary. They use story, character, and absurd realities to walk the line between offensive and hilarious. They’ve been featured on Funny or Die, Comedy Central digital, NY Comedy Festival and have headlined sketch festivals all over the country.
Sketchfest is back! This is the 9th annual festival and first time back since 2019 (you know because of that pandemic thing). NYC Sketchfest is New York City’s premier sketch comedy festival and one of the nations largest. This years festival is focused on highlighting local, national, old, and new sketch teams and bring them all together again! This 4-day sketch-tacular programming that will not only include incredible sketch shows, but panel discussions, writer’s rooms, and more!