Friday 10/20 5:00 pm

The Peoples Improv Theater is proud to announce the return of NYC Sketchfest 2023!
Fleur Du Mal


We are a small all-female sketch comedy group that features women from all different backgrounds. We love putting on themed shows based on suggestions submitted to us via instagram. As a collective, our goal (besides giving the people what they want) is to collaborate with one another to write sketches that showcase each of our perspectives by filtering the themes through our own unique lenses, and putting them all together to create an entertaining show.
Ghost Girl
We’re Ghost Girl, a sketch comedy team hailing from the vibrant comedy scene of NYC! We’ve been on the scene since the fall of 2022, and we’re proud to be a house team at the renowned Magnet Theater. Our unique blend of creativity, diversity, and comedic talent sets us apart. We’re a dynamic group of writers and actors who thrive on pushing the boundaries of absurdity to bring the laughter. With a mix of seasoned veterans and fresh faces, we’re a melting pot of experience and innovation. Our roots run deep in the NY comedy circuit, allowing us to bring a wealth of perspectives and styles to the table. We’re all about making the boldest, funniest decisions possible. Whether we’re exploring bizarre scenarios, reimagining everyday situations in hilarious ways, or taking a comedic dive into the unknown, we’re always striving to keep our audiences rolling with laughter. Our performances are a rollercoaster of wit, charm, and pure entertainment.
So, prepare for laughter, prepare for the unexpected, and prepare to be thoroughly entertained by Ghost Girl!


Sketchfest is back! This is the 9th annual festival and first time back since 2019 (you know because of that pandemic thing). NYC Sketchfest is New York City’s premier sketch comedy festival and one of the nations largest. This years festival is focused on highlighting local, national, old, and new sketch teams and bring them all together again! This 4-day sketch-tacular programming that will not only include incredible sketch shows, but panel discussions, writer’s rooms, and more!