Pie Town USA is in trouble. A megalomaniac billionaire is threatening to buy our land and tear everuthing down, just so he can build a factory. But we have a chance to stop him. If we can prove the artistic and cultural significance of Pie Town, we’ll get a specialized designation from the government that would protect us forever.
So we, the Pie Town community board, have put together a show starring our BEST home-grown artists: an improv team. We also invited friends from around the country to perform, so everyone can see how close this place is to people’s hearts.
YOU can help us keep our community safe by coming to “SAVE PIE TOWN” and showing the US government how crucial it is to shield us from certain peril.
Signed, the members of the Pie Town community board: Ben Hirsch, Emily Anderson, Murphy Baker, Owen Engesser, Sarah Wingo, and Shareef Taher.