Friday 6/24 – Sunday 7/17

The Rise and Fall of Jean Claude Van Damme is told largely through puppets that beat the crap out of each other. Stylistically inspired by the writing of Kurt Vonnegut, especially Breakfast of Champions, this production is about the life and times of 80’s/90’s action icon Jean Claude Van Damme, the Muscles from Brussels, but can easily be about Steven Segal or Dolf Lundgren or Wesley Snipes or… It’s a redemption tale, or a cautionary tale, or a comedy of manners, or hard-hitting melodrama, and mostly absurd.
The Rise and Fall of Jean Claude Van Damme is collaboratively directed by Psycho Clan members Paul Smithyman, Aaron Haskell and Timothy Haskell and features frequent Psycho Clan collaborator John Harlacher, et al. Puppet creation and Direction by Aaron Haskell, set design by Paul Smithyman.
“This Van Damme Farce is a Roundhouse Kick! Evokes Fringe Festival Delights! Gleefully Juvenile!” – NY Times
“A Breezy, extremely funny look at fame, ambition, gossip and celebrity” – This Week In New York
“A Great Way to Spend an Hour Escaping The Swirl of Everyday Problems” –
“a gleeful, giddy, gem of a show” – Manhattan Digest
“Recommended” – Time Out NY
“A Very Funny two-person romp” –