Thursday 6/13 – Thursday 9/12

1 HR


Ever try to explain the plot of Donnie Darko to your grandparents? Well get ready for The Secondhand Movie! We bring in an awesome guest and assign a weird, cult classic, B-movie for them to watch. They try their best to tell us in their own words what the hell they think they saw, and a group of some of NYC’s most talented improvisors perform that movie based off their description. It’s like a game of Telephone, but with a movie. It’s the Secondhand Movie!


Featuring: Nick Carrillo, Jake Keefe, Langston Belton, Sarah Morgan Ashey, Jenny Bareilles, Leah Evans, James Fouhey, A.J. Ditty, Josh Hurley, and others

Calendar for The Secondhand Movie


The PIT Loft

154 W. 29th St., New York, NY, 10001