Saturday 8/12 5:00 pm

Join the Smugglers, a ragtag group of musical Han Solos and Jyn Ersos ready to stage every rebellion against every imagined empire in musical improv history as they stage their first 45-minute musical raid on the People’s Improv Theater. You don’t want to miss getting knocked over by this wall of improvised musical glory. The show will feature fifteen minutes of short form musical improv games similar to Whose Line Is It Anyway? It will also feature a half-hour, comedic musical adventure featuring heroes who might just get what they want if they can just defeat, kill or co-opt their wily antagonists. And, also, maybe if they can get out of their own way too? Don’t miss out on this musical raid on the PIT stage! You might not see its like again.
Ammon Taylor, Bebe Tabickman, Ryan O’Rourke, Josh Reiter, Matt Hoffman, Marlon Ram, Daisy Walker, Bailey Whitehead, Robin Axline, Matthew Patterson & James Navan