Saturday 6/24 10:00 pm

Wake up from your disco nap! WILDEST DREAMS kicks off your Saturday night at 10 with an indie improv double-header. Princess Bleach conjures up a completely improvised set from the dream of a volunteer audience member. Then hop on board as the “charismatic weirdos” of Emails from Hawaii take you on a guided tour of their hilariously twisted collective mind. Whatever you do, don’t hit snooze! (btw, your dream came true: Not Your Average Slumber Party sits in for PB on April 29.)


Princess Bleach (5/27 & 6/24 only): Nick Curley, Alice Fishbein, Ryan Lind & Kerry Ann McCaffrey
Emails from Hawaii: Henry Camacho, Sophia Caressa, Andrew Chandler, Robert Davenport, Julian Green, Joseph Huffman, Nathan Orton & Michael Wallis