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MVRP Foundation Scholarship


mvrp-foundation-scholarship-600The MVRP Foundation is providing 4 scholarships toward improv class tuition at The Peoples Improv Theater (The PIT).

The MVRP Foundation, Inc. has been created to honor Michael Vincent Rosen Pipitone and continue his legacy.

The MVRP Foundation has set out to select students who have demonstrated talent in writing and/or acting, who would benefit both emotionally and financially from this scholarship, and who embody the creative and caring spirit of Michael. The PIT will choose four students who show a special promise and a spark that both the Peoples Improv Theater and the MVRP Foundation would want to recognize and nurture in Michael’s memory.

About Michael and The MVRP Foundation, Inc.

Michael Vincent Rosen Pipitone was a talented actor, writer, artist and comedian whose life was tragically cut short at the age of 21 on May 25, 2015 from a side effect of medicine he was prescribed. Michael’s desire was to help to make the world a kinder place, one with joy and love. He was on a path of creating a more thoughtful place where ideas stimulate and ignite. He loved to perform and, true to the highest form of his art, he wanted to make ‘em laugh. The studying and performing Michael did at the PIT was very inspirational to him. Michael was creative, full of wit and humor that captivated and inspired all who knew him. Along with these talents, he was a young man filled with incredible compassion and insight towards others.

Please see below if you’re interested in applying for the scholarship.


SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Thursday, May 19 at 5pm

SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS: In the body of your email, please let us know in 250 words or less how improv has or you believe it will improve or impact your life. We’re looking for candidates who wish to express their creativity through the study of improv.

Please also attach an electronic resume with complete contact information.


Via e-mail by Friday, May 20

*Recipients must enroll in an improv Level 1-5 class they would be eligible to take within 90 days of receiving the scholarship.