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Alan Kliffer

Alan Kliffer

Alan Kliffer originally hails from Canada, where he worked for the Second City and started his own award-winning theatrical improvisation company Kliffer Entertainment in 2013. Kliffer began teaching improvisation at the young age of 16, and has since taught in Canada and the United States for high schools, colleges, corporations, and recreationally for various improv institutions. He is currently bringing his fully improvised two-act musical ‘The Greatest Musical Never Written’ Off-Broadway in the fall with his mentor Robyn Goodman (Avenue Q, Cinderella, In The Heights), as well as coordinating the High School Improvisation Festival for the NYC Department of Education.

Listen below to hear more about Alan’s teaching style and improv philosophy, and learn more about The PIT in his discussion with PIT Founder Ali Farahnakian.

Ali Farahnakian and Alan Kliffer Talk Improv

Ali Farahnakian and Alan Kliffer Talk Musical Improv