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Heather Jewels Booth

Heather Jewels Booth

Heather trained in drama & musical theatre at NYU, but her true form of a cat/chicken/octopus hybrid hatched from the egg of an album named “TOTO IV” ultimately led her to comedy, which led to classes at both UCB and the PIT.

Heather has been seen at the PIT in nearly all of the Barnes/Mercy “Unauthorized!” musicals, and has made numerous appearances as Duckberg’s most infamous resident, Dumps McCluck. She also loves the 1980s PBS show Square One TV/Mathnet so much that she created and performed in an entire tribute show for its 30th Anniversary. In addition to this team, Heather can be seen in various shows both here and at the Armory.

Heather was once in an improv group called Start Trekkin’. Together they created 4 years’ worth of new adventures set in the classic 60s Star Trek universe.

Heather hates both pickles and lettuce. She especially hates a pickle wrapped in a blanket of lettuce.