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Nicole Pascaretta

Nicole was born and raised in Metro Detroit and is now based in New York City! She started doing Improv in 2013 at Go Comedy! Improv Theater and has been performing musical improv, sketch comedy, musical theater, and writing ever since! Nicole is extremely passionate about dancing, singing, being silly, and moving her body in ways many didn’t know was humanly possible.

Her recent projects include a two-woman scripted show that she co-wrote called “The Parent Trap: Lord of the Twins Trilogy” where she and Julia Schroeder do a theatrical re-telling and reimagining of The Parent Trap (Lindsay Lohan version) with a Lord of the Rings twist, directed by the incomparable James Quesada. She also choreographed the premiere of “Greece: An Original Musical Parody”.

Nicole currently performs with the Musical Improv house team Punch Funk during Super Free Wednesdays! She can also be seen performing regularly with the Improv troupes Freeze Frame: The Musically Improvised Sitcom and Technique, an improvised dance show!