Caroline Ulwick | Peoples Improv Theater

Caroline Ulwick

Caroline Ulwick is a writer, comedian and producer based in NYC. She currently writes for the BoogieManja team, “Dropout Kids.” Caroline has written and produced indie sketch shows around the city, and is a veteran of The Magnet’s Ringers and Moxie Lab. She acts in a bimonthly indie sketch show, Turner Classic Sketches; she also improvises at the UCB and with her indie teams, Ragdoll and Veggie Palace. In 2018, Caroline’s one-woman show, “In Case You Missed It,” debuted at The Pit’s Solocom. Her satirical writing has been featured in Slackjaw, The Belladonnas, and Points In Case. For her day job, Caroline is a news producer for MSNBC. She would love for you to retweet her anxious thoughts on Twitter: @kewlwick

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