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Jane Kehoe

Jane Kehoe is an NYC based writer/performer, director/producer & voice over artist. She directs the house team Steve’s Hard Milk and was on the Improv house teams Vicariously Yours & Corner Booth. She produces Old School Sketch Show, a very popular show at The PIT. Most recently she performed as a man in “You Too”, a short play in which a panel of male writers (played by women) explain the #MeToo movement to their female counter part.
Jane was the Production Assistant on the award winning comedy pilot Improvising and for The Colbert Report. She worked as Technical Director for North Coast, The Baldwins, Tampons, Tears & Triumphs, She Makes Me Laugh, Gary Busey’s One Man Hamlet, Pop Roulette and many more.
Jane studied at UCB, IO Chicago, The Annoyance Chicago, and The PIT. She has performed in NYShort Winterfest ’19, NY Sketch Fest ’13, ’14, NY Improv Fest ’14, ’15 and Chicago Women’s Funny Fest ’15.
Upcoming Shows
Super Sketch Tuesday Season 3  Oct 30, 2018 – May 7, 2019   7:30pm
Old School Sketch Show  Sep 28, 2019 – Jun 20, 2020   9:30pm
Steve’s Hard Milk