Matt Vita | Peoples Improv Theater

Matt Vita

Matt Vita is a stand up comedian, sketch writer/actor, improviser, musician, surfer, snowboarder, overall GNAR shredder and general mischief maker. He can rap better than you, shred trees faster than you, and still holds the door for strangers. So far in 2019 he’s made friends with Mark Cuban when Mark Cuban came to see him play Mark Cuban in an show, had Questlove tell him his band The Shipwrecks reminded him of old school Philly while they were improvising songs for the runners at the NYC Marathon, failed to lure Drake into being his pal despite various hot2death raps he wrote for him, and produced a few viral videos. Find his latest video content here (, watch him rap on IG (@BigDawgNY1), and if you want to see him get “stoked” buy him a beer and talk to him about surfing or snowboarding. Keep your eyes peeled for the Blacked Out Blackouts video series being released by The Gnar Bois ( later this year!

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