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Mike Brown

Mike Brown is a teacher, Improviser, and actor who travels the globe teaching and performing his craft. He started improvising in 2005 as a Philadelphia Phillies “Phanstormer” (aka: cheerleader), and then eventually in New York studying with The Magnet, The Upright Citizens Brigade, and The People’s Improv Theater. He created The Mike Brown Solo Improv Extravaganza in 2009, and has been teaching the form of Solo Improv since 2012. Mike has performed in over 35 Improv festivals worldwide, and doesn’t plan on slowing it down anytime soon. You can see him perform regularly at The PIT in Fury, Solo Improv Showcase, and in Hackensack, NJ with Howdy Stranger.

He lives in Harlem with his cat, Minerva.

Upcoming Shows
Grad Show | Level 1 | Brown 6/13  Jun 13   7:00pm
Grad Show | Level 1 | 5/14  May 14   7:00pm
Upcoming Classes
Level 0 Improv | May 14 | Mike Brown  May 14 – Jun 4