Sunday 4/28 3:30 pm

$79 + fees

PREREQUISITE: YOU MUST HAVE COMPLETED LEVEL 1 IMPROV OR EQUIVALENT AT ANOTHER COMEDY THEATER TO QUALIFY FOR THIS CLASS. In the comment section of Checkout, please list when you took said classes and who your instructors were.


If you fail to meet the prerequisites for this course and continue to register anyway, we will have to transfer you out and add the balance as class credit, to be used for other classes.

This is Matt Donnelly’s most in demand class wherever he teaches in the world. Matt invented and taught the Bull Matador scene technique when he was a level 3 and masterclass teacher at the PIT in the mid 2000s. This class focuses on co-accomplishing comedic scenes with your scene partner rather than focusing on solo scenes efforts. This technique helps accomplish the finding of “a game” within the scene through grounded and theatrically sound approaches. Get out of your head, focus on what your scene partner is giving you, and lock into who is the bull and who is the matador of your scene. In this class, you’ll learn the technique, how to find your roles quickly, how to heighten via emotional weight instead of “writing”, and how it can improve tag outs, walk ons and group play as well.

Bull/Matador- Matt Donnelly