Tuesday 6/13 6:00 pm


“Improv Made Easy” is a workshop for performers  who are feeling stuck in their head. It is for people who are looking to expand into new territory and who want to create work with more depth. Created for performers who are looking to be more authentic and active in their work. This style is derived from the approach of TJ and Dave, Mick Napier as well as Lecoq and Philippe Gaulier. This workshop explores clown’s relationship to improvisation with a focus on being present, tapping into truthful emotion and finding honest action. Open to all levels as the techniques will be new to everyone. It offers a totally different approach to long-form work that invites the performer to dream to find a sense of freedom in the land of play.


  • To get out of the head and into the body.
  • To be more present to the moment and to one’s scene partner.
  • To cultivate more truth in character work.
  • To pursue wants through action and to make scenes physically alive.
  • To collaboratively dream and live in rich and inviting worlds.

Workshop Reviews:

“One of the best  teachers on this planet! Jet encourages you to be bold and wild, to go beyond your fears, to dive into the unknown, and to embrace and love the experience, and to be present, to really be in the moment. Not only when improvising but in life.” -Heike Reissig 


“I felt like I’d moved on a year in just that one week. Mind blowing and weird and freaky and raw and fabulous. Jet will leave you gagging for more!” – Kit Murdock


“All theater workshops promise the same thing — to teach the art of being physically and emotionally present. This one delivers.” -Leslie Carson


“Jet shows you how to make the the stage a place where you can most be you.” -Stephanie Hunger


“Jet is a comedic powerhouse. I can honestly say that I’ve never taken any course that has better shown me what I’m capable of as an improvisor.”  -Jess Grant


“Jet’s class made me want to cry. Best workshop I’ve taken in 3 years.”

 –Nate Morse 


“In less than two hours Jet blew apart and reconstructed our duo form into something better and more organic than ever imagined. I could not have asked for a more invigorating and inspiring teacher.  Get in a room with Jet and she’ll remind you why you became an improviser in the first place.” -Allison Ungar


“Jet takes you on a roller coaster of ego breaking exercises, that will provide you with an arsenal of tools to further scene and develop arc. Be ready to feel like you have brand new legs and leave feeling victorious.”

–Sarah McPeck