Monday 7/3 4:00 pm

Spanning four days, this festival will feature international, national and local teams! Teams that debuted at IndieFest have gone on to successful runs at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Off-Broadway, and more!
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Carney & Cruz

Carney & Cruz is a comedy duo based in New York City comprised of two people who aren’t from New York. Cassie Cruz and Max Carney create characters that have lived a life and have strong personalities. They have a pretty decent batting average of making their shows funny. Due to ongoing litigation they were forced to stop calling themselves Carnival Cruise. Allegedly.


We are a ridiculous twoprov team who is known for our intense chemistry and emotional connection on stage.


Slim Pigeons:

Wild, no-holds-barred family drama. 15 mono scenes that capture episodes from a family’s life. REAL. FAMILY. DRAMA!!!!!