Spanning four days, this festival will feature international, national and local teams! Teams that debuted at IndieFest have gone on to successful runs at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Off-Broadway, and more!
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Mighty Joe Knife

No, this has nothing to do with the movie Mighty Joe Young. We literally cannot stress enough how dissimilar we are from the movie Mighty Joe Young. Most of us haven’t even seen it. We will, however, interview someone from the audience and improvise a montage of scenes based on what they share with us. We are Mighty Joe Knife. Hoo ha.

Party City Kazoo

Party City Kazoo is your new favorite improv team. Six performers present you with grounded yet ridiculous long from improv comedy. Attendees may or may not receive party favors of a certain musical instrument from a certain retail chain.

The PIT Indie-Pendence Day Festival 2023, Fourth of July Weekend, Mighty Joe Knife & Party City Kazoo, Saturday, 7/1, at 12 PM.