Saturday 7/1 4:00 pm

Spanning four days, this festival will feature international, national and local teams! Teams that debuted at IndieFest have gone on to successful runs at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Off-Broadway, and more!
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James Quesada & Julia Schroeder are a couple IRL and a seasoned duo on stage. Their blend of improv and clown has been called ‘child-like pure play’ and ‘joyfully absurd’ by people you wouldn’t know even if we named them. (But for real the first one was Brendan Irving when Quicksand won the ‘Showdown: Night of Champions’ at QED and the second one actually isn’t attributed to anyone but has for sure been said we just can’t remember by who and you could help us out by saying it if you wanna claim credit.) James & Julia have also been featured at improv festivals all over the country and were headliners of the Detroit Improv Festival in 2022. You can see them double dating every week with Patrick Williams and Rachel Bouton as hosts of the Wednesday night jam at PIT.

The PIT Indie-Pendence Day Improv Festival 2023, Fourth of July Weekend, Quicksand, Saturday, 7/1, at 4 PM.