Wednesday 7/3 7:00 pm

The Peoples Improv Theater is thrilled to present the 12th Annual INDIE-pendence Day Fest. The longest running Indie Improv Festival in NYC was originally created by Student Driver & hosted by The PIT.
Improvised Dungeons and Dragons
An onstage comedy adventure, where YOU create the heroes, YOU cast the spells, and YOU roll the die!
Dungeons & Dragons, off the table and onto the stage! Our Dungeon Master and players will weave an epic fantasy tale, letting your suggestions and your (20-sided) dice rolls shape our improvised story. Prepare yourself for a night of swords and sorcery, where YOU create the heroes, YOU create the villains, and YOU cast the spells.
Check out our Instagram, TikTok and website to get a feel for the show
instagram: @improvised_dnd
tiktok: @improvised_dnd
Fresh out of the asylum, MADhouse is an experimental comedy trio featuring the talents of Matt Higgins, Andrew Chandler, and Dan Bevan. Using the language of improvisation, watch as they build an entire world before your very eyes. Cancel your appointments and toss your meds, it’s time to enter the MADhouse!
Siblings is a slacker-centric improv team! As totally real, actual blood Siblings, they were brought up to make chaotic choices, yet ground their stories with character driven earnestness. Individual brothers and sisters on the team have studied at UCB, Improv Asylum, BCC, WGIS, the PIT, the Magnet and have been performers on house teams at the Armory and on indie teams all over NYC. Emboldened with the old family tradition of the “tag-out,” these siblings are ready for their next playdate onstage!
Guerilla Glue
La Ronde / Monoscene
Our goal is to foster community, play, and highlight some of the best Indie Improv from around the globe! It will feature Special Guests, Jams, and a Barbecue Picnic!
Spanning 2 days, the festival is your team’s chance to follow the fear, take the leap, and put yourselves in front of an audience! Teams that debuted at IndieFest have gone on to successful runs at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Off-Broadway, and more!