Thursday 7/4 6:30 pm

The Peoples Improv Theater is thrilled to present the 12th Annual INDIE-pendence Day Fest. The longest running Indie Improv Festival in NYC was originally created by Student Driver & hosted by The PIT.


Thorn & Petalstick
Expecteth the unexpected as our motley troupe of players weaves an entirely new Shakespearean comedy or tragedy from the thread of one audience suggestion.


The Unpaid Interns
We are a diverse group of performers who love silly premises, grounded scene work, and physical comedy. We are fanatics of complex forms, often performing a hero’s journey and Spokane.


James Quesada & Julia Schroeder are a couple IRL (brag) and a seasoned duo on stage (BRAG!). As Quicksand, their blend of improv and clown has been called ‘child-like pure play’ and ‘joyfully absurd’. James & Julia are originally from Detroit and now live in NYC where they continue to perform together regularly. Their improv credits include co-hosting the Wednesday Night Scene at The Peoples Improv Theater, winning the 2023 ‘Showdown: Night of Champions’ at QED Theater, and performing in festivals all over the country including NYC, Detroit, Omaha, Providence, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Baltimore, and Chicago.
Our goal is to foster community, play, and highlight some of the best Indie Improv from around the globe! It will feature Special Guests, Jams, and a Barbecue Picnic!
Spanning 2 days, the festival is your team’s chance to follow the fear, take the leap, and put yourselves in front of an audience! Teams that debuted at IndieFest have gone on to successful runs at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Off-Broadway, and more!