Sunday 7/16 5:30 pm


Come watch our brilliant PITizens take the stage!

Calendar for Level 2 Improv Grad Show w/ Josh Flitter

Josh Flitter

Josh Flitter


Josh Flitter is an actor, writer, director, improviser, and charlatan! Once a former child star, he is now a supernova. In his 20 plus year career, Josh has worked with the likes of Robin Williams, Tina Fey, and John Krasinski among many others. Josh’s improv background is extensive, having taken classes at UCB, and completing all improv classes through Advanced Study here at the PIT. He now continues his acting career accompanied by a BFA in Film Direction from the School of Visual Arts. Flitter can be found on Friday’s as the host of The Electric Jam with  at 9:30pm. You can find him on TikTok: @joshflitter!