Thursday 3/7 – Thursday 4/25

$399 + fees

PREREQUISITE: YOU MUST HAVE COMPLETED LEVEL 4 IMPROV TO QUALIFY FOR THIS CLASS. In the comment section of Checkout, please list when you took said classes and who your instructors were.

If you fail to meet the prerequisites for this course and continue to register anyway, we will have to transfer you out and add the balance as class credit, to be used for other classes.

In level 5 you will explore the different form(s) in Improv. As a group you will learn the fundamentals of these forms, as well as working on performing them. Once you’ve mastered the form(s) taught by your instructor, as a class, you’ll create your own form to present at your Grad Show alongside one of the newly learned forms. This is a rotating-curriculum class, so as new offerings of this class are released, you’ll have the opportunity to learn new forms and create a brand-new form with students who’ve also studied Levels 1-4 already!

***Grad Show will be held on SUN 4/28 @5:30PM***

Grad Show Format:

Students will perform a show based off of one of the forms they learned as well as a performance of the form they created (Ideally 25min/form). 

At the end of this course, Students will be able to… 

  1. Explain the fundamentals of Form(s) taught by the instructor.
  2. Perform in an Improv show using the form(s) taught by the instructor.
  3. Create their own form for an improv show.

* As of 7/1/2023, we are instituting a strict no refund policy.

Please note, class start dates are subject to be postponed up to 4 weeks from original posted date