Sunday 2/25 8:00 pm

See 4 teams battle it out for a spot in our March Madness Improv Tournament! In round 1 they will show us their unique style. In round 2 they will try to rise to meet a specific improv challenge. Then YOU, the audience, along with one judge will decide their fate in the tournament and declare a winner! LET THE IMPROV MADNESS BEGIN!!


Qualifier Schedule:

*Winners in bold.

Thursday, February 1st @8:30pm

Match #1: Stroke VS Bizzo

Match #2: Lady Problems VS Couch Store

Sunday, February 4th @8pm

Match #1: Two Hands Clapping VS Really, Chef?

Match #2: Geraldine Wilkerson VS Starpop

Thursday, February 8th @9pm

Match #1: SuiteTooth VS The Artist Formerly Known as CRUD!

Match #2: The Understudies VS Big Cup

Sunday, February 11th @8pm

Match #1: Coming Up Roses VS Now is a Special Time

Match # 2: Thorn and Petalstick VS Learner’s Permit

Thursday, February 15th @8:30pm

Match #1: Placeholders VS HEMLOCK

Match #2: Cabin Fever VS Intrusive Thoughts

Sunday, February 18th @8pm

Match #1: Fool Party VS Those Meddling Stupid Hoes

Match #2: Security VS Clean Freaks

Thursday, February 22nd @9pm

Match #1: Lewis VS deadpan.

Match #2: Princess Bleach VS B-Side

Sunday, February 25th @8pm

Match #1: Hell Jr. VS Set to Retire

Match #2: PWI VS Spectral Mother