Saturday 5/20 4:30 pm

Welcome to “Murder at the Game Show,” the wackiest, wildest comedy game show you’ve ever seen! This isn’t your ordinary game show – it’s a murder mystery extravaganza where contestants must use their wit to uncover the identity of the killer before they strike again!
With a zany cast of characters, hilarious improv, and a nail-biting mystery, “Murder at the Game Show” will keep you on the edge of your seat and rolling with laughter. Can you crack the case and solve the murder? Or will you be the next victim?
Hosted by the quick-witted and charming Jack Dominick, “Murder at the Game Show” is the ultimate test of your sleuthing skills and your ability to think on your feet. So get your tickets now (why are you still reading this) and get ready for a night of hilarious hijinks and heart-pounding suspense.* “Murder at the Game Show” – the only game show where winning means staying alive!
*Those using a pacemaker are not recommended to see the show. Too much silly suspense.**
**This is not a real disclaimer. Please come to the show.