Saturday 10/21 6:30 pm

The Peoples Improv Theater is proud to announce the return of NYC Sketchfest 2023!
Both Hands


Both Hands is a BoogieManja team that will make you want to use both of your hands (to clap, to gasp, to raise the roof, etc). Featuring an all female identifying writer’s room Both Hands is excited to return to The PIT after an incredible first half of season 10.
Backdoor Barbecue
Backdoor Barbecue is a critically acclaimed* NYC-based sketch comedy group that serves up high-energy and tightly-structured shows. Featuring musical performances, character bits, topical monologue joke segments, and more, Backdoor Barbecue cooks up a new sketch revue with some of the funniest folks in New York! Backdoor Barbecue is a NYC-based sketch comedy group that serves up high-energy shows that makes audiences say, “That was a comedy show.” Since its founding in 2016, they have been one of the PIT’s long-standing sketch comedy teams, and have been featured in New York City SketchFest, The Second City Network, The PIT’s Pilot Season and House Teams, and NYC SketchBlock, and have hosted a number of podcasts across the vast interweb. Backdoor Barbecue is Mike Brian, Paul Cohen and Chris Migliaccio.
*Critically Acclaimed, we assume?


Sketchfest is back! This is the 9th annual festival and first time back since 2019 (you know because of that pandemic thing). NYC Sketchfest is New York City’s premier sketch comedy festival and one of the nations largest. This years festival is focused on highlighting local, national, old, and new sketch teams and bring them all together again! This 4-day sketch-tacular programming that will not only include incredible sketch shows, but panel discussions, writer’s rooms, and more!