Thursday 10/19 6:30 pm

The Peoples Improv Theater is proud to announce the return of NYC Sketchfest 2023!


Fifth Floor Walkup


Fifth Floor Walkup is a motley crew of sketch/improv performers based in NYC, heavily influenced by Monty Python, That Mitchell & Webb, Mr. Show, Key & Peele and ayahuasca trips in the desert. Sketches written and performed by Curtis Stevens, Alex Brisson, DW Ardern, Camillo Stone, Shannon Keye, Amir Kianpour, and Jim Galloway.
Little Boy Evil


Little Boy Evil is a half-hour of interrelated sketches that build on each other all while existing in the same universe. Head writers and creative directors, Sam Schaefer and Tony Ferraro, reject the idea that sketches should be stand alone and opt for structure that resembles that of an Improv Harold while injecting the show with a high-energy, absurdist, surreal tone. As one recent showgoer remarked: “It’s like Mr. Show meets I Think You Should Leave.” The duo has been heralded for their past projects, receiving note from The New York Times and, and has held residencies at Asylum NYC and Caveat. Little Boy Evil will also be featured in NY Comedy Fest this November.
Sketchfest is back! This is the 9th annual festival and first time back since 2019 (you know because of that pandemic thing). NYC Sketchfest is New York City’s premier sketch comedy festival and one of the nations largest. This years festival is focused on highlighting local, national, old, and new sketch teams and bring them all together again! This 4-day sketch-tacular programming that will not only include incredible sketch shows, but panel discussions, writer’s rooms, and more!