Saturday 10/21 12:00 pm

The Peoples Improv Theater is proud to announce the return of NYC Sketchfest 2023!
The Salty Nuts
We’re a diverse group of comedians who offer a theme based, detail oriented sketch comedy show that may or may not be loosely based on our lives. We’re young and old, spunky and witty. We offer tons of laughs, cheer, and many similar synonyms.
Kathy & Qathy
Our team is a mix of sketch and improv. Kate and Maggie come out as their characters, Kathy and Qathy, the hosts of a popular morning show. They then get suggestions from the crowd to determine the name of the book they will be interviewing their guests, the authors of the book, about.
Hey Gyrl Hey
Gyrl Hey is a new dope ass sketch comedy show highlighting the experiences and perspective of womyn of color. The show is written, produced and starring a unique blend of new and emerging actors, artists, improvisers, and comedians from NYC and Philadelphia. Think of “Black Lady Sketch Show” but with womyn of color from different nationalities/ethnicities, sexual identity and expression, and experiences.
Sketchfest is back! This is the 9th annual festival and first time back since 2019 (you know because of that pandemic thing). NYC Sketchfest is New York City’s premier sketch comedy festival and one of the nations largest. This years festival is focused on highlighting local, national, old, and new sketch teams and bring them all together again! This 4-day sketch-tacular programming that will not only include incredible sketch shows, but panel discussions, writer’s rooms, and more!