Saturday 7/1 12:00 pm


Looking to create scene work that is narratively sound, deeply funny, and memorable to an audience? Then this is the class for you! This workshop focuses on short form narrative structure, status, tilts, emotional reactions, mantras, and grounded acting. Students will learn to embrace failure, “be obvious”, actively listen onstage, create from a place of honesty, and inspire their scene partners. This workshop is perfect for any improvisor willing to step out of their comfort zone to harness their inner sense of play and charm.


Short-Form Narrative Essentials Workshop - Lindsay Mullan


Lindsay Mullan is a Canadian Comedy Award-Nominated actor, improvisor, instructor, and creator. She is an alumnus of the Second City Toronto Mainstage, an alumnus of the internationally-acclaimed improvisation theatre, Loose Moose, and a graduate of the Mount Royal University Theatre Arts Acting Program. Lindsay has
worked as a performer for over almost two decades in various mediums (Theatre, Film, Television, Web, and Podcasting). As an artist she strives to create original and truthful work that tickles the funny bone and pulls at the heart strings. Lindsay is currently based in Toronto, Canada.