Sunday 3/26 6:00 pm

The Peoples Improv Theater proudly announces the in-person return of SOLOCOM NYC!

Solocom NYC has launched over 400 new solo comedies that have gone on to longer runs, tours and festivals around the world (including the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.)

Solocom NYC is a festival of new solo work. All shows presented are 75% – 100% new material, and are created specifically for the festival. NYC Solocom’s goal is to push artists to create a show that is meaningful, personal and to follow the fear.

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Sunday, March 26th @ 6:00PM

Stuart Green// The Company You Keep

As time goes by, who do you share your journey with? After the passing of a bar buddy, Ron must face the value of friendship.

Robin McNamara// The Inn

It’s a (masterpiece) mystery!! There’s an Inn, an old phone, and a few suspicious characters lurking around…who knows what and who knows who. A classic whodunit!

Amanda Melhuish// Guilty Pleasure

Amanda doesn’t like masturbating — what is wrong with her? She doesn’t touch herself? At all? In this autobiographical one-woman show, Amanda welcomes you to a slumber party where we can unpack her lack of desire and how guilty she feels about being so different.

John Meehan// Take A Shot of Courage

After spending most of my life being anchored down with negativity and self doubt. This one night I took a shot of courage and stepped out of my comfort zone all in an effort to live a life of no regrets. This is a fantastical story as to the great things that can happen when you take a leap of faith. This is based on and inspired from my life.