Friday 3/24 6:00 pm

The Peoples Improv Theater proudly announces the in-person return of SOLOCOM NYC!

Solocom NYC has launched over 400 new solo comedies that have gone on to longer runs, tours and festivals around the world (including the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.)

Solocom NYC is a festival of new solo work. All shows presented are 75% – 100% new material, and are created specifically for the festival. NYC Solocom’s goal is to push artists to create a show that is meaningful, personal and to follow the fear.

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Friday, March 24th @ 6pm

Jonna Juul-Hansen// Alive, Alive, Alive, Dead

Grey hair sucks. The 80’s rocked. Fuck the bucket list. What the heck am I supposed to watch? The Dream Buddhist Boyfriend. Please lie to me! Perhaps I’m just 98.2% heterosexual? A Boomer refuses the slow gravitational pull to her grave.

Erica Diederich// Stay Funny. Stay Scared.

Erica was scared of pretty much everything growing up. Then one day, everything changed. She now watches movies like ‘The Conjuring’ and ‘It’ for fun. Come watch her half-hour exploration of all things horror, laugh at some spooky themed characters and be a part in
discovering how to overcome the terror within.

Pamela Paek// No F***s Given. None Taken. All Done.

A one person show unpacking asexuality and all it’s not.

Kylie Rolincik// Collage

A college community gathers in a mandatory assembly to mourn the death of the college president’s beloved pet lizard, Spanky. This character-driven clown parade/murder mystery features an assemblage of diverse characters unraveling in the creative ecstasy of publicized grief. Come for the entropy, stay for the tiny, ornate, lizard-sized coffin which will remain center stage for the duration of the show.