Friday 4/19 6:00 pm

90 min


The Peoples Improv Theater proudly announces the 10TH ANNUAL SOLOCOM!
SOLOCOM NYC has launched over 400 new solo comedies that have gone on to longer runs, tours and festivals around the world (including the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.) 
SOLOCOM NYC is a festival of new solo work. All shows presented are 75% – 100% new material, and are created specifically for the festival. SOLOCOM’s goal is to push artists to create a show that is meaningful, personal and to follow the fear.
Abby Erff/ I’m tired of being pretty
This is a one woman show about how I have experienced love and sex as a very neurotic woman. Through self deprecating humor and storytelling the show will convey my inner monologue.


Andrea Romano/ Kinda Witchy
This one-woman show is a piece of musical storytelling by comedian Andrea Romano, accompanied by musician and producer Jody Shelton. For the last few years, Andrea has been on a journey to find herself as an artist and as a person. What started as an exploration of her mental health ended up somewhere Andrea didn’t expect: a reconnection with her witchy spirituality. In this show, This show blends pop music, theatre, comedy and maybe some light spell casting.


Sydney Duncan/ Avatar Wig Store
Solo improv character show with just me, the audience, a suggestion, and a lot of wigs!


Sarah Mullins/ People Playing Drums Good
A variety of eccentric drummer and percussionist characters discussing their personal lives while playing their respective instruments.

Calendar for SOLOCOM NYC 2024: Erff/Romano/Duncan/Mullins


The PIT Loft

154 W. 29th St., New York, NY, 10001