1Hr 30Mins




Ring in the new year with the PIT COMMUNITY, Maria Schroeder, and PJ Nally as we present the super-sized FINAL JAM of 2022.



DOORS OPEN @ 9:15pm


MAX CAPACITY: 58 First Come, First Serve

PJ Nally (he/him) firmly believes that musical improv is the most fun a person can have. Making excellent use of his Master’s in Economic Policy, he improvises six days a week. He hosts the PIT’s Musical Improv Jam every Monday night and performs regularly with Hell Yeah!, the Vespa Incident, and many other shows with his beloved PIT and Magnet communities. PJ is madly in love with Maria Schroeder and is known to kiss her often and passionately both on and off stage.

Maria Schroeder (she/her) has a BFA in Musical Theatre from Missouri State University and is happy to be putting it to such good use. Outside of co-hosting the PIT Musical Improv Jam, you can catch her improvising with Hell Yeah!, The Vespa Incident, and in various shows throughout the PIT and Magnet communities. Other interests include PJ Nally, reading books she has already read, PJ Nally, finding New York City’s best bagel, PJ Nally, doing the New York Times crossword, PJ Nally, talking about Musical Theatre history, PJ Nally, Gilded Age Architecture, and PJ Nally.