Friday 1/5 8:30 pm

We have the last movie ever sold by Blockbuster! And you, the audience, get to help us discover exactly what that movie will be. It could be any genre, starring people you’ve heard of (or not). Watch as improvisers attempt to create cinema magic live on stage!


The Last Blockbuster is a series of programing developed by our theater for our theater!



Kihresha Redmond

Kihresha Redmond

Producer & Performer


Kihresha is an improviser/actor who hails from Cleveland. After earning her BFA in Acting from Ohio University she went on to study and perform improv at Florida Studio Theatre (FST Improv).

In addition to teaching here at The PIT, she produces, co-hosts the monthly Slow Burn improv jam, and performs regularly. On stage Kihresha has recently performed new works with Tantrum Theater and Shakespeare in bars with Backroom Shakes here in NYC.

Last but not least she is an occasional poet, amateur ukulele player, and an Adam Sandler enthusiast. To learn more and see what she is up to next you can check out her Instagram @redefinedby_k.