Saturday 3/23 12:00 pm

Free workshop!

Unity on Stage: Improv’s Role in Interracial Dialogue

An Experiential/ Experimental Improv Workshop on Race

Sponsored By New America. US@250 And The People’s Improv Theater

Update: So that we have a diverse group for this unique Workshop we as that our Pitizens of Color really try to make this a priority and attend.

What will we do at the Workshop: We will use a combination of Psychodramatic roleplay, storytelling, Improvisation tools and games to better see and hear each other. We intend to further the national dialogue on biraciality and have a healing and profoundly illuminating dialogue between the races. This is an experiential workshop. You will be involved to whatever degree you are willing. This will not be didactic; we will be exploring together.

Who should attend the Workshop?: Mixed-race improvisors, White improvisors. Persons of Color who believe in the arts as a way forward, Persons of any race interested in the use of Improv for a cross-racial dialogue. This is just a very initial gathering of names of folks who are interested in being tapped, consulted, involved in our Improvisor’s Mindset Recovery Project.

Dion Flynn (Lead Facilitator)

Dion Flynn, a staff writer for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon is also a teacher, speaker, improvisor, comedian, and U.S. Army veteran, is best known for his comedic portrayals, notably on sketch and late night tv, and as a national Moth storyteller. A 2023 New America Fellowship recipient and MFA graduate from NYU, he’s cited by Oprah Magazine as “one of our favorite creative thinkers.” Dion masterfully connects people through fun, innovative methods in his Improvisor’s Mindset Workshops, impacting business professionals, writers, students, and more. [,

He realized that the same basic tools that are used in all types of improvisation – listening, empathy, playfulness, collaboration, and trust – were the same tools that helped him and others connect as human beings.. And any ailing entity, in the process of any type of recovery, can make use of these improv tools. Our nation. Race Relations.

Dion’s blood is commingled black and white, although the way we relate to each other in the world today in is not a black-and-white issue: there is a lot of grey area in between. People need and want to learn to play together. This is what Dion’s work does – teach the basics of improv. Creates safe spaces for people of all kinds to come together and play, to build iteratively with other human beings and make new realities.