Online Level 1 Sketch 7-9 PM EST

Thursday 7/1 – Thursday 8/5

Instructor: Scott Kremer

In Sketch Writing Level 1: The Basics of Sketch, students will develop the fundamental skills they need to start writing original comedy sketches. Build your sketch toolkit with the essentials - how to come up with a sketch idea, how to employ classic sketch structure, how to create memorable characters, how to clearly communicate your ideas to your audience.   


Students will write multiple sketches during the course of this class, with PIT Teacher will guide them through every step of the process with positive, hands-on instruction. 


Feedback and collaboration are central to this class that is appropriate for brand new sketch writers, writers who have already completed "Joy of Sketch," or writers with some sketch experience who want to get back to basics.

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Online Advanced Sketch: Pitch to Product 3-5:30 PM EST

Saturday 7/10 – Saturday 8/14

Instructor: Sean Christian Taylor

We are going to take your pitch to the final product! Along the way we will learn some fundamentals of production like, finding the game in your script, outlining a shot list, casting, how to market your sketch on social media and more. How do we create a sketch or a show in 2021 with limited time and resources? This class will help answer that! By the end of this class you will have a finished sketch of your own and the confidence to keep creating!

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