Your Show Image

Send your show image as outlined below to

  • Your show image appears alongside your show description on your ticketing pages, as well as on the PIT’s event calendar.
  • Your image should be 1920 px wide by 1080 px tall, 72dpi (if this looks like a foreign language, ask a friend with Photoshop experience!).
  • If the image you submit is not the correct size, it may be cropped to fit within our show listing format.

Oftentimes, your show image will be the first thing people see about your show… so make it good!  When in doubt, hire a graphic designer to create your show image for you.  One good place to find affordable graphic designers is


Download Logo with White Text  Download Logo with Black Text


Get a professional quality HD video recording of your show. Single or multi-camera set ups with audio recording and options for professional grade video editing available. Great for submissions, festivals and reels! Email our PIT approved videographers for more info and rates:
Giancarlo Osaben,

Social Media

Help us to promote your show!  Send your information and images as outlined below to


  • Please include an image, or specify that we should use your show image. Your image should be 1920 px wide by 1080 px tall, 72dpi
  • Please include a description (30+ words) of your show
  • Please include a link to your Facebook page, event page, or anything else you’d like tagged.
  • NOTE: We’re more likely to share funny & short video content before a photo. Get together and work with your group to create a fun, high quality promo!


  • Please include a SQUARE image with the dimensions of  1080 x 1080 pixels.
  • We prefer live action images from a past show.
  • Please include a short description (15+ words) of your show
  • Please include your social media handle and any hashtags that will promote your show

Editorial decisions are made by the Social Media team and are based on a multipoint checklist to best reflect The PIT brand.