Improv Olympic

Home of the Harold, the late Del Close, and Charna Halpern.

Second City

This is where Ali first studied and worked with Del in two shows he directed with the group he was in called “The Family”
Ali is an alumni of The Second City, this is where he was “Jeff”  Nominated for Best Actor in a comedy revue, It’s also where SNL saw him for the first time. 
Ali wrote for the show during the 25th anniversary season. It’s what brought him to NY and gave him the money to help start a theater.

Waterwell Productions

Waterwell Productions strives to create groundbreaking theatrical works. Eschewing tired conventional ideas about producing plays, we aim to revolutionize live performance.
Ali is on the Board of Directors and has supported their work since almost the start. 
A NYC-based interactive agency specializing in helping funny people.  Strategic Branding + Design + Motion Graphics + Photography + Development + Typography + Videography + Social Media + Live Events

One on One

One on One is designed to help actors further their career through our On-Camera Classes and Private Appointments where they are seen by working Casting Directors, Legit and Commercial Agents, Managers & Theatre Directors.
Special Offer to students from The PIT!
Performance photos by Keith Huang.
Real Estate Attorney Extraordinaire
Before you buy a home, get Adam on the phone.
Ali’s Real Estate attorney.
Entertainer-friendly accountant. Recommended by Ali. He’s been doing Ali’s taxes for over a decade.
$50 off if you mention you were referred by The PIT
“If you’re looking for an amazing accountant for this tax season, look no further than Harvey Altman and Company. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is at a place or near a place in their entertainment career where they need guidance.”— Ali Farahnakian
Great primary care doctor. Ali’s Primary care physician for a long while.
Open up and say Ta! Dr. Ta that is. A gentle dentist with passion!
Ali’s dentist for over a decade.
Prism Dental Oral Reconstruction Center
(Cosmetic, General, Implant Dentistry)
M.H. Ta, DDS
He is to dermatology what Dr. Ta is to dentistry. (212) 924-7546

He is an Actor and Improviser himself and a great Skin Doctor.
Geoffrey Tischman, Photographer
Weddings, events, family portraits, headshots — for all your photography needs.


Current and prospective students interested in deepening their presence within The PIT's community and taking classes for a discounted rate have the option of applying to our internship/work study program. This opportunity is for those who are flexible in their schedules. Please send a resume, cover letter, and your availability to for further details and consideration.


The PIT is available for rentals and special events - for more information please contact BJ Thorne.


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Jason Hewitt
General Manager / Director of Classes
Chris Aurilio
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Technical Director / Facilities
Michael Lounsbery
House Managers
BJ Thorne
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Corporate Director
Tommy Galan
Head of Video Production & Social Media
Michelle Ciotta
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Beth Saunders
Ali Reza Farahnakian